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Skiing and River Rafting in Uttaranchal

Uttaranchal is a top travel destination for adventure sports like skiing and river rafting Tours. Tourists and adventure enthusiasts from across continents are coming since ages to Uttaranchal to live and enjoy the thrills associated with these sports. In fact, Skiing and River Rafting Tours in Uttaranchal are some of the most exciting and exhilarating activities of Uttaranchal tourism.

One of the popular ice-sports in the world, Skiing is comparatively new to India. Earlier restricted to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the sport is getting familiarized in different parts of the country now including Uttaranchal. A lot of effort and attention has been paid by the government towards upgrading and popularizing this sport in the state and the horde of tourists coming from across India and the world proves the growing popularity of Skiing in Uttaranchal.

Various skiing resorts and clubs are being established across the state to increase the attractiveness of skiing in Uttaranchal. The main season for skiing is during November to February when the large slopes of Garhwal and Ksumaon gets covered with seasonal snow, thereby proving ideal spot for skiing during winters.

Some of the famous Skiing Places in Uttaranchal include, Auli, Dayara Bugyal, Mundali, Munsyari, Kush Kalyan, Kedar Kantha, Panwali, Matya, Bedni Bugyal and Chiplakot Valley.

Besides Skiing, River Rafting in Uttaranchal is also very popular adventure sport and one of the main attractions for pulling tourists to the state. There is lot of scope for professional as well as the amateur for river rafting in Uttaranchal.

Mid-September to Mid-May is considered the perfect time for river rafting. Hardwar, Rishikesh, Rudraprayag, Srinagar, Deoprayag, Kaudiyala, Shivpuri etc., are some of the popular places offering river rafting in Uttarakhand.

Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) conducts river rafting courses at Kaudiyala near Rishikesh. They provide rafts, equipment, river side camping items, safety precautions, and trained guides to guide the tourists so as to make the sport a pleasure. Besides, there are various River rafting agencies offering training services to learners.

Rishikesh offers great opportunities for rafting expeditions with over 13 exciting river rapids. It also offers camping facilities for tourists as part of the river rafting tour.

Rishikesh River Rafting in Uttaranchal is another interesting aspect of tourism in the state and can not be missed at any cost during your visit to the state.

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